Welcome to O2 Tropical Magic, where nature meets science to create effective and sustainable health and skincare products. Our co-founders discovered the power of natural ingredients in the lush landscapes of the Philippines and set out to create products that surpass the effectiveness of any store-bought brand. Our range of natural health and skincare products are a testament to our commitment to quality and effectiveness.

At O2 Tropical Magic, we believe in the power of nature to unlock the secrets of beauty and wellness. That’s why all our products are made using only the finest natural ingredients, meticulously picked and blended to create products that are not just effective but also safe and gentle on your skin and body. Our dedication to sustainability and environmental conservation is reflected in our sourcing of ingredients from local farmers and communities.

We invite you to join our community and discover the magic of nature for yourself. Whether you’re looking for a solution to a specific skin or health issue or simply looking to embrace a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, we have something for everyone. Trust in the power of nature and let O2 Tropical Magic reveal the magic that it has in store for you. Experience the difference today and join the community that believes in the power of natural products!

CEO Statement:

Like numerous teenagers and adolescents, I faced skin problems during my youth, particularly dealing with acne that resulted in deep scars on my cheeks. As I entered adulthood, like many others, I grappled with issues such as wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. I’m sure many of you can relate to these experiences. 

I experimented with various products available in the market, ranging from drugstore brands to higher-end ones. While these products initially seemed to improve my skin, over time, prolonged use left my skin feeling dry, tired, and lifeless. 

I was determined to find better solutions. This led me to conduct extensive research, and the more I delved into it, the clearer it became that my skin issues were often a common side effect of acids, soaps, and chemicals. I discovered that I was not alone in this struggle, as many others I spoke to had similar skin problems and complaints. 

Ultimately, my husband and I began to explore natural options, which, to our delight, proved to be effective. In fact, they surpassed our wildest expectations. 

 And thus, O2 Tropical Magic was born in 2015.

Co-Founder Statement: Terry McMurray

Before I found O2 Tropical Magic Miracle Serums, I experienced:

Severe back/hip pain
Very poor eyesight
Swollen feet and ankles
Many nightly bathroom trips
Leg cramps
Brain fog
Foot neuropathy
High blood pressure
Sinus congestion/infections
Thin skin
Age spots
Turkey neck

These are my personal experiences. Everyone’s experiences are unique, and we welcome you to share yours with us and others.