Painless Nail Care & Foot Pain Relief Cream Kit For Neuropathy

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Brand: O2 Tropical

O2 Tropical Foot Pain Relief Cream delivers fast and effective results. This cream brings an immediate soothing effect, allowing you to walk, run or dance with zero discomfort.. Imagine standing after hours in a meeting room but feeling no pain at the end of your day. Provides relief to your aching feet, preparing you for another active day ahead. The unique combination of pain relief and moisturization sets this product apart. Make this soothing experience part of your everyday routine. Take a step towards a painless journey with O2 Tropical Foot Pain Relief Cream. Don't let foot pain deter your journey, take the first step in comfort. relievers bunions, gout & arthritis symptoms.

O2 Tropical Painless Nail Care is designed to soften nails for easy trimming and provides pain relief for ingrown toenails. It provides fast-acting pain relief. Manicures and Pedicures are a breeze, with little to no pain. Nails are buttery soft and easy to clip. Pedicure/manicure should be done quickly after removing cover.

Up to 30 Treatments per tube!

Apply to affected areas. Immediately cover with included footie or glove. Leave on for at least 20 minutes per application (the longer the better) before manicure/pedicure.

70ml Squeeze Tube, Includes Foot Covers & Gloves.

300 ml Commercial Size Pump Bottle, Includes Foot Covers & Gloves.

Apply as needed.

Paraben Free, Cruelty Free.

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